What is the Lamborghini hoverboard and should you buy one?

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November 26, 2017
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Have you been hearing people talk about the Lamborghini hoverboard, and are wondering what it might be? Have you decided it is probably some kind of high-end and very expensive sports car you probably cannot afford?

If so, you would be incorrect. In fact, a Lamborghini hoverboard may be something you have seen already, but did not know what it was called.

What is a Lamborghini hoverboard? — This is a self-balancing electric scooter.

These scooters do not have any type of handle, just the scooter ‘board’ itself, which is then mounted onto wheels. You would then stand on the hoverboard, get your balance and then start it running.

The Lamborghini hoverboard then rolls down the street with you riding it until you stop it or jump off.

How fast can a Lamborghini hoverboard go? — These hoverboards usually have a maximum speed of around 12 kilometers an hour, so they cannot be ridden too fast.

Can you hurt yourself riding one? — Dealers of the Lamborghini hoverboard recommend you use safety gear.

That usually includes a helmet, knee and elbow pads, long pants and a jacket. That way, if you do fall off at speed, you will not hit your head and injure yourself. Neither will your body be scraped if you fall on the road.

How is the hoverboard powered? — Each board has a lithium battery that you would usually charge before you leave home.

Each battery will usually take around an hour and a half to go from empty to completely charged. That means you can also use the hoverboard at short notice, as you do not have to wait overnight for it to become fully charged.

How far you can travel on a Lamborghini hoverboard? — This differs depending on the model you buy and the electric battery that is in it.

Most Lamborghini hoverboards will travel around 20 kilometers, however, before they stop working. As long as you have already fully-charged it before you leave.

Remember too, you can take the charger with you when you leave, as they are very lightweight. The Lambo hoverboard can then be recharged while you are eating lunch or hanging out at a friend’s house.

What else does a Lamborghini hoverboard come with? — Many of them come with Bluetooth speakers, so you can listen to music. It also has LED lights, so it not only looks cool but it is also easy to see by motorists and others crossing in your path.

Should you buy a Lamborghini hoverboard? — If you love skateboarding or surfing, or have always wanted to have a relatively inexpensive mode of transportation without having to buy a bike or a car, then a Lamborghini hoverboard could be a good choice.

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