Popular Bread Recipes For Bread Machines

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What Is A Bread Machine?

Before you start playing around with recipes for your bread machine, you need to understand what it is and what it can do for your life. It’s best to read bread machine reviews to see which ones are used the most and if there are any issues that you need to be aware of before making a purchase. There is a pan in the machine where the dough is placed. Paddles are seen at the bottom of the machine. There are different cycles depending on the kind of bread that you want to fix in the machine so that the dough gets done without being burned or being raw.

Beer And Pretzels

This is a bread recipe for those who enjoy food that is seen at sporting events or who want to offer a treat while watching a game at home. A basic bread recipe with nonalcoholic beer is used. You only need about 3/4 of a cup for 12 slices of bread. You can crush pretzel pieces so that they are small or break pretzels for more substance in the bread, but you don’t want to add them until about five minutes before the bread is finished baking in the machine.

Hot Cross Buns

If you want a sweet treat that is easy to make in your bread machine, then consider these buns with a cross of white icing. You’ll use dark and golden raisins in the bread dough along with cinnamon and nutmeg. The recipe is similar to a traditional cinnamon roll dough, but you’ll want to add the raisins and about two cups of sugar along with the other ingredients. Once the buns are out of the bread machine, let them cool before adding the icing. Some bread machine reviews include recipes like this as a starter item that you can make.

Orange Cappuccino Bread

Start your morning right with bread that features oranges and a bit of cappuccino. This is a delicious bread that you can enjoy with a cup of cappuccino or coffee as well as other fresh fruits. The key to making this bread is to add about a tablespoon of coffee granules in your favorite flavor to the bread dough. You’ll also add a teaspoon of grated orange peel and two tablespoons of dry milk. This will give the bread a little more texture so that you can cut the slices into shapes of stars or other shapes. You could also simply cut the crust off of the slices of bread that you cut, topping each slice with a fresh orange or jam.

Jalapeno Bread

Give your bread machine a bit of spice with jalapeno bread dough. You can easily alter the dough to satisfy your taste when it comes to the heat from the peppers. With about half a cup of shredded cheese in the bread dough as well, you’ll have a delicious bread that you can enjoy with a warm bowl of chili. Frozen corn can also be added to the dough as the flavors of the vegetable and the pepper pair well together.